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Early American Pattern Glass Cake Stand & Serving Pieces

Dear Friends, After going over the entire book "Early American Pattern Glass Cake Stands & Serving Pieces" it was discovered that there were errors and omissions in the book. Although each photograph is correct with the pattern name some of the original manufacturer names, (OMN), and also known as, (AKA), or dates were omitted, we are very sorry for not discovering these until after the book had been published. Please find below a list of corrections as of March 2, 2009, to the book.

Danny Cornelius & Don Jones

Page 11: Actress: Manufactured By: Adams and Company c.1880

Page 13: Adams' Thousand Eye: OMN: Adams No. 130, Sensation

Page 15: Alfa: Manufactured By: J.B. Higbee Co. c.1907, New Martinsville Glass Manufacturing Co. c.1919.

Page 18: Apollo: Manufactured By: Adams and Company c.1886

Page 19: Arched Fleur-De-Lis: OMN: Fleur-De-Lis: AKA: Fleur-De-Lis Intaglio, Late Fleur-De-Lis.

Page 20: Argent: Manufactured By: Bryce Brothers c.1890

Page 22: Artichoke: OMN: Fostoria No. 205-Valencia AKA: Frosted Artichoke

Page 23: Ashman: OMN: Adams No. 84; AKA: Cross Roads, Crossbars and Fine Cut; Manufactured By: Adams and Company c.1880's

Page 25: Bakewell Ribbon: Manufactured By: Bakewell, Pear and Company c.1870

Page 26: Baltimore Pear: OMN: Gipsy

Page 26: Banded Fleur-De-Lis: OMN: Imperial No. 5

Page 27: Banded Star: AKA: Footed Lobe

Page 29: Barred Oval: Manufactured By: United States Glass Company c.1892

Page 30: Beaded Oval and Scroll: Manufactured By: Bryce, Walker and Company c.1880

Page 31: Beaded Swirl and Disc: OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15085, Spiral; AKA: Beaded Swirl

Page 37: Blocked Arches: OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15020, Berkeley

Page 41: Buckle, Early: OMN: Gillinder No. 15. Manufactured by: Gillinder and Sons.

Page 43: Button Band: should state Sugar no lid shown

Page 44: Cabbage Rose: OMN: Central No. 140, Rose

Page 45: Cadmus: OMN: Beaumont No. 108, Dugan-Lonaconing No. 708

Page 47: Cambridge No. 2507: OMN: Ohio Flint No. 444, Mignon. Manufactured By: Ohio Flint Glass Company c.1895, Cambridge Glass Company c.1903

Page 47: Cambridge No. 2653: OMN: Ribbon; AKA: Bridle Rosettes

Page 48: Cane and Rosette: Manufactured By: George Duncan and Sons

Page 48: Cane Horseshoe: OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15118, Continental

Page 51: Cavitt: OMN: Bryce No. 128, Jones, Cavitt No. 128, Victor

Page 52: Centennial: Manufactured by: Gillinder and Sons

Page 53: Chain with Star: Manufactured By: Bryce, Brothers c.1890

Page 55: Chandelier: OMN: Crown Jewels

Page 57: Church Windows: OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15082, Columbia; AKA: Tulip Petals

Page 58: Classic: Manufactured by: Gillinder and Sons

Page 60: Clover: Manufactured By: Richards and Hartley Glass Company c.1885

Page 60: Coarse Zig Zag: OMN: Highland AKA: New Martinsville No. 517. Manufactured by: Bryce Higbee c.1903, J.B. Higbee Glass Co. c.1907, New Martinsville Glass Manufacturing Co. c.1918

Page 66: Cornucopia: OMN: Dalzell No. 9D: AKA: Strawberry and Currant, Three Fruits. Manufactured By: Dalzell Brothers and Gilmore Glass Company c.1884

Page 67: Corrigan: OMN: Dalzell No. 57 D. Manufactured By: Dalzell, Gilmore and Leighton Glass Company c.1894

Page 70: Cupid and Venus: Richards and Hartley Glass Company c.1888

Page 71: OMN Sultan, AKA Curtain: Manufactured By: Bryce Brothers c.1888

Page 74: Daisy and Button With Crossbars: OMN: Richards and Hartley No. 99, Mikado: AKA: Daisy and Thumbprint Crossbar, Daisy and Button with Crossbar and Thumbprint, Daisy and Button with Crossbar and Thumbprint Band, Daisy with Crossbar

Page 75: Daisy and Scroll: OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15104, Victoria

Page 85: Diamond Point Disc: OMN: Crescent, New Martinsville No. 601; AKA: Diamond Point Disk

Page 88: Double Pinwheel: OMN: Juno. Manufactured By: Indiana Glass Company c.1908

Page 92: Era: Date should be 1891

Page 98: Fashion: Date should be 1909

Page 100: Fine Cut: O.M.N.: Campbell, Jones No. 720, Bryce No. 720; A.K.A.: Flower in Square. Manufactured by Campbell, Jones & Company, c. earlier 1880’s, Jones, Cavitt & Company, c.1886, Bryce Brothers, c. 1891, (only sold old stock after Jones & Cavitt fire.)

Page 101: Fine Cut and Panel: O.M.N.: Campbell, Jones No. 260, Bryce No. 260; A.K.A.: Button and Oval Medallion, Finecut and Panel, Fine Cuts with Panels, Nailhead and Panel. Manufactured by: Campbell, Jones & Company, c.1885, Jones, Cavitt & Company, c. after August 1886, Bryce Brothers, c.1891, (plate was the only listing in catalog)

Page 102: Fine Cut Star and Fan: Date for J.B. Higbee Glass Company c.1908

Page 104: Floral Oval: OMN: Banner; AKA: Cane and Sprig, Pittsburgh Daisy, and Spray and Cane. Manufactured By: J.B. Higbee Glass Co. c.1910, New Martinsville Glass Co. c.1916

Page 105: Florida Palm: OMN: Tidal AKA: Perfection

Page 107: Frisco: Date should be 1903

Page 110: Gala: Manufactured By: J.B. Higbee Co. c.1913, Jefferson Glass Co. Toronto, Canada c.1919

Page 110: Galloway: OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15086, Mirror Plate, Jefferson No. 1501; AKA: U.S. Mirror, Virginia, and Woodrow. Woodrow Canadian name only. Jefferson copied a sherbet no other pieces were made.

Page 115: Good Luck: Date should be 1881

Page 118: Hartley: Manufactured By: Richards and Hartley Glass Company c.1887

Page 119: Harvard Yard: OMN: Harvard; AKA: Tarentum's Harvard. Date should be 1897

Page 120: Heart With Thumbprint: OMN: Hartford; AKA: Bull's Eye in Heart, Columbia, Columbian, Heart and Thumbprint, Tarentum's Hartford

Page 121: Heavy Finecut: AKA: Heavy Fine Cut

Page 123: Hickman: OMN: Jubilee; AKA: Empire, La Clede

Page 124: Hidalgo: Date should be 1891

Page 126: Horn of Plenty: Manufactured By: Boston and Sandwich Glass Company c.!850's - 1860's, McKee Brothers c. late 1850's - 1860's

Page 127: Horseshoe Stem: OMN: O`Hara No. 99

Page 129: Inverted Feather: OMN: Cambridge No. 2651; AKA: Feather, Nearcut No. 2651

Page 130: Ivanhoe: Date should be 1897

Page 130: Ivy In Snow: Date should be 1895

Page 131: Jacob's Ladder: Manufactured By: Bryce, Walker and Co. c.1876

Page 132: Jersey Swirl: OMN: Swirl; AKA: Swirl and Diamond, Windsor Swirl

Page 133: Jubilee: OMN: McKee No. 132

Page 136: Kentucky: Date should be 1897

Page 136: King Arthur: date should be 1908

Page 140 Lacy Dewdrop: OMN: Co-OP No. 1902, Phoenix No. 800; AKA: Beaded Dewdrop, Beaded Jewel, Lace Dewdrop

Page 140: Late Thistle: OMN: Cambridge No. 2766

Page 141: Lattice: OMN: Kings No. 20

Page 141 Lattice Thumbprint: Date should be 1884

Page 142 Laverne: OMN: Bryce Brothers No. 80. Date should be 1890

Page 142 Lion: Manufactured By: Gillinder and Sons c.1877

Page 144 Lion and Cable: Manufactured By: Richards and Hartley Glass Company c.1885

Page 144: Loop and Jewel: OMN: Venus; AKA: Jewel and Festoon, Queen`s Necklace

Page 146: Madora: AKA: Arrowhead in Oval(s), Beaded Oval and Fan No. 2, Medallions and Fan, Ramona, Style. Manufactured By: Bryce Higbee and Company c.1905, John B. Higbee Glass Company c.1910, New Martinsville Glass Manufacturing Company c.1918, Jefferson Glass Company Toronto, Canada c.1920

Page 147: Magnolia: OMN: Dalzell No. 41D

Page 153: Masonic Variant: Butter Dish pictured is Diamond Waffle \ The cake stand pictured on this page is not McKee’s Masonic. EAPG patterns has this stand as: Pattern: Silicon #1900 AKA: Description: Silicon #1900 Cake Stand Form: Cake Stand Manufacturer: Silicon Glass Co. Pattern Number: 1900 Date: 1907

Page 155: Medallion Sunburst: OMN: Banquet. Date should be 1896.

Page 156: Michigan: Date is 1902

Page 157: Minnesota: Manufactured By: U. S. Glass Factory "G"

Page 158: Moon and Star: AKA: add, Star and Bull's Eye

Page 160: Nelly OMN: Nellie

Page 161: New Crescent: Manufactured By: Bryce, Higbee and Co. c.1898

Page 163: New Jersey: Manufactured By: U. S. Glass Factory "G"

Page 166: No. 75 Square: AKA: Post

Page 172: Omnibus: OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15124, Keystone. AKA: Hobstar, Late Pathfinder, Pathfinder

Page 174: Opposing Pyramids: OMN: Flora. AKA Truncated Prisms

Page 175: Oval Medallion: OMN: Argyle; AKA: Beaded Oval Window(s), Maltese Cross Variant

Page 177: Paddlewheel: AKA: Fern Whirl, Paddle Wheel

Page 178: Palm Leaf Fan: Manufactured By: Bryce, Higbee & Company c.1905

Page 180: Paneled Diamond Block(s): Manufactured By: George Duncan Sons & Co. c.1894

Page 180: Paneled Thistle: OMN: Delta, New Martinsville No. 557. Manufactured By: J.B. Higbee Glass Company c.1910, New Martinsville Glass Manufacturing Company c.1919, Jefferson Glass Company, Toronto, Canada c.1920, L. G. Wright c.1950

Page 181: Paneled English Hobnail: Date should be 1901

Page 181: Paneled Forget-Me-Not: OMN: Regal. Date should be 1883

Page 187: Perkins: OMN: Fortuna AKA: Higbee's Fashion. Manufactured By: J.B. Higbee Glass Company c.1915, New Martinsville Glass Manufacturing Company c.1920

Page 190: Pleat and Panel: date should be 1890

Page 192: Plume: Date should be 1890

Page 193; Portieux: European should not have been listed with EAPG items

Page 200: Rayed Flower: OMN: Indiana No. 132, Splendor. Manufactured By: Indiana Glass Co. c.1905

Page 202: Ribbed Ellipse: OMN: Admiral. Manufactured By: Bryce, Higbee and Company c.1899, J. B. Higbee Glass Company c.1907

Page 202: Ribbon Candy: AKA: Bryce Double Loop, Figure Eight

Page 203: Ring and Petal No. 1875: Manufactured By: Westmoreland in the 50's doesn't belong with EAPG

Page 204: Riverside's Aurora: OMN: Aurora. Manufactured By: Riverside Glass Works c.1904, Tygart Valley Glass Company c.1908

Page 209: Rosette and Palms: Date for Bryce, Higbee and Company should be 1899

Page 210: Rustic: Date should be 1871

Page 211: Scalloped Six Point: Manufactured By: George Duncan's Sons Co. c.1897

Page 213: Scroll with Flowers: OMN: Modern. Manufactured By: McKee & Brothers c.1881

Page 215: Shell and Jewel: OMN: Victor. AKA: Early Nugget, Jewel and Shell, Nugget

Page 216: Sheraton: OMN: Ida

Page 219: Six Panel Finecut; OMN: Dalzell No. 17 D. Manufactured By: Dalzell Bros & Gilmore, c.1884

Page 220: Skilton: OMN: Oregon. Date should be 1888

Page 220: Slewed Horseshoe: OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15111, Peacock

Page 221: Snowflake: OMN: Cambridge No. 2635, Fernland-Toy Set; AKA: Cambridge Snowflake, Snow-Flake, Snowflake and Sunburst

Page 223: Squat Pineapple: OMN: Lone Star: AKA: Gem

Page 225: Star in Diamond: OMN: Gillinder No. 414. Manufactured By: Gillinder and Sons c.1891

Page 226: Starred Block: OMN: Dalzell No. 21 D

Page 227: Starred Loop: Manufactured By: Duncan and Miller Glass Company c.1900

Page 228: Stars and Bars: OMN: Bellaire No. 600. Manufactured By: Bellaire Goblet Company c.1887

Page 231: Stippled Forget-Me-Not: OMN: Dot; AKA: Forget-Me-Not in Snow

Page 232: Sunk Daisy: OMN: Daisy

Page 236: Tauton: OMN: Scroll: AKA: Salient-Star, Slashed Swirl Border

Page 236: Teasel: Bryce Bros produced only a goblet in a similar design. LEE called this pattern Teasel and manufacturer should be unknown.

Page 237: Teepee: OMN: Duncan No. 28; AKA: Nemesis, Wigwam, Tepee

Page 241: Texas Bull's-Eye: OMN: Bryce's Filley; AKA: Bulls-Eye Variant, Notched Bull's Eye

Page 244: Tree of Life With Hand: Manufactured By: Hobbs, Brockunier & Co. c.1879

Page 246: Twin Snowshoes: OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15139, Sunbeam

Page 248: U.S. Coin: OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15005, Silver Age: AKA: American Coin (Dime), Coin (Half Dollar), Frosted Coin, The Silver Age

Page 250: Valtec: Date should be 1910

Page 250: V-In-Heart: OMN: Beaunot. Date should be 1905

Page 251: Washington: Date should be 1901

Page 252: Washington Centennial: OMN: Centennial. Manufactured By: Gillinder and Sons c.1876

Page 252: Wellsburg: OMN: Dalzell No. 81 D, Daphne. Date should be 1901

Page 258: X-Logs: OMN: Natalie. Manufactured By: Co-Operative Flint Glass Company c.1889

Page 259: Yale: Date should be 1890's

Page 260: Zipper Cross: OMN: Paris, New Martinsville No. 110; AKA: Roughneck