The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia

Gems of the Museum

Here are just a few of the wonderful glass pieces on display at the Museum of American Glass in WV.
A debt of gratitude to those who donated some of these treasures.....

Five large covered jars designed by
Fritz Driesbach and executed by the Blenko Glass Co., Milton, WV

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Carrara Art Deco Bookends

Klondike Covered Sugar Bowl

Hand painted Top Hat tumbler - A product of the West Virginia Glass Specialty CO., Weston WV. The tumbler is signed by the artist, Al Erbe.

Donated by Roy & Doris White

McKee Lifesaver decanter in pink

Purchase made possible by support from the Three Rivers Depression Era Glass Club, Pittsburgh, PA.

Fenton Art Glass Waterlily & Cattails Opalescent Amethyst Pitcher & Tumbler

Donated by Charles Griggs In Memory of Karla and H.E. Bost

Commemorative glass bust of M. J. Owens - a native of West Virginia and inventor of the automatic bottle making machine.

Donated by Dean Six

First place winning paperweights, as judged by the museum, for 1994, 1995, 1996 at the annual Paperweight Show.

Part of the museum's display of Riverside glass including a rare original catalog on the bottom shelf.

Donated anonymously.

Ornately cut Seneca goblet.

Given by Don Smith in memory of Ron Hall

Oil lamp by Atterbury and Co, Pittsburgh, PA with swan design on the clear font and also on the pink base.

Donated by Sylvia Markley.

Pink "Two Kids" figural flower frog made by Cambridge Glass circa 1930's.

From the Pam Ochs
flower frog collection.

Donated by Nick Ochs.