The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia


1-1/4 inch Fantasy Swirl

Dennis Richardson is no stranger to art glass. His father and uncle are avid collectors and dealers of St. Clair and Fenton hand-crafted glass. In 1999 Dennis began his glassblowing career with the sole purpose to making glass art marbles. Having had no formal training, being self-taught, Dennis developed his own methods and style.

1-7/16 inch Flowering Abyss Portal

Dennis Richardson's art glass marbles are an amazing use of color and pattern schemes. In a short period of time he has achieved the aberration of many marble collectors.

1-1/2 inch Kings Ransom Lutz/Adventurine Swirl

Dennis recently retired from serving his country for the past 20 years in the US Air Force. Along with his wife Nikki and their five children, they have settled in Ann Arbor Michigan. Dennis is pursuing a masters in art and Nikki will be finishing medical school.

1-3/8 inch Fantasy Swirl

1-7/16 inch Fantasy Swirl

1-1/4 inch Fantasy Swirl

The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia wishes to thank Dennis Richardson for donating to The National Marble Museum. His beautifully contrasting designs are now part of the marble display.

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