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The final nose drop

The week before the tournament started I had telephone calls from all parts of the media, both in this country and from abroad. So the list of journalists covering the event was long and mixed, from Russian Television to Satellite Stations to the Press and freelance writers and photographers.

Good Friday began with three radio interviews that Julia did from home, whilst I was at the Greyhound setting it all up. More interviews followed and by 8.40 am the first of the satellite stations had set themselves up to broadcast live at 9.40.

We had telephone calls from members of the public who had heard about it on the radio and who wanted to enter teams.

The total number of teams entered this year was 27 just one short of our record. In the end the "Arkansas Racers" from Hot Springs USA, pulled out with a collective bad back, but said they would be back next year.

The start of a game
About to break the pack

With so many teams playing, the championships were the longest on record. Play started at around 11 am and went on to the presentations at 7 pm. It was a far cry from the old days when five teams fought it out and the event was over by 12 noon.

Some of the players said that due to the fine weather the rings were very fast and that it was difficult to keep their tolleys on the ring. And therefore the breaks that were made weren't as high as some other years. Maybe it was the wrong kind of Sunshine!

A first round game on one of the side rings



1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen II 25 v Greyhound 9
Bloody Marbelous Too 0 v Crawley 18+ 6
Saxonia II 25 v Yorkshire Meds 15
Schwarzmurmler 7 v Royal Oak I 7+k
Royal Oak II 2 v Charlwood Strikers 13
Handcross 49ers 25 v Bloody Marbelous 4
Greyhound Again 4 v Handcross Rebels 20
Johnson Jets B 19 v Caterham Cowboys 9
Turners Hill Lions 20 v Us 4, Matt & the Mayor 3
London Scottish Bells 6 v Johnson Jets 25


Saxonia I 27 v Tinsley Tigers 3
Charlwood Strikers 24 v Turner Hill Tollymen 18
Crawley 18+ 0 v Barrel Scrapers 23
1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen I 21 v Handcross 49ers 19
Black Dog Boozers 16 v Handcross Rebels 25
Johnson Jets B 18 v Royal Oak I 6
Saxonia II 18 v Turners Hill Lions 15
1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen II 26 v Johnson Jets 12


Johnson Jets B 14 v Barrel Scrapers 21
Saxonia I 25 v 1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen II 5
1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen I 27 v Charlwood Strikers 17
Saxonia II 18 v Handcross Rebels 23


1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen I 25 v Barrel Scrapers 13
Saxonia I 21 v Handcross Rebels 20


Saxonia I 26 v 1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen I 11

Sam - playing for the Handcross Rebels - shoots from the edge of the ring


With so many teams playing there was a need to arrange a play off for the main event, 12 players against each other for the one remaining place. There were some of the best known players from the past in this play off. Colin from the Black Dog Boozers and Mel who for many years played for the Bow Street Fudgers. Mel won through to the main event with a score of 10 marbles.

In the final there were 11 players, 10 from this year and Chris Pampel the current champion. Four rounds were played and Chris had knocked out 14 marbles and had a lead that meant he could not be beaten by any other player. He was acclaimed champion for the second year.

Will Turner Hill Tollymen 0
Jan Saxonia I 4
Chris 1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen I 14
Akil Yorkshire Meds 5
Aaron Turners Hill Lions 5
Alex 1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen I 2
Mel Charlwood Strikers 3
Rene Saxonia II 1
John Barrel Scrapers 1
Barry Handcross Rebels 2
Darren Handcross 49ers 0


The Nina Cohen Cup was presented a number of years ago by Bert Cohen, one of the world's greatest marbles experts and collectors in memory of his late wife. Although it is probably not politically correct these days it was specifically to be presented to the "best lady player" to be decided at the discretion of Sam McCarthy-Fox. As there are now considerably more ladies taking part in the tournament it was decided to try out a different system of awarding it this year. Therefore the highest scoring lady player in each team in its first match played qualified to play for the title. There were six contestants and the match was played using 4 target marbles per player, plus 1, a nose drop decide the order of play, the winner was Jen McGowan with a score of 10 marbles

Alison Handcross 49ers 2
Jessica Saxonia II 1
Harry Charlwood Strikers 2
Jen Barrel Scrapers 10
Susie 1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen I 2
Carmen Schwarzmurmler 1

Jen McGownen
Winner of the Nina Cohen Cup


Individual Champion Chris Pampel
Team Champions Saxonia I
Runner-Ups 1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen I
Best Lady Player Jen McGowan
Golden Cross Winner Barry Ray
Golden Cross Runner-up Graham Smith


  • 26 teams or 156 players
  • 50 Tolleys were nose dropped
  • 1225 target marbles were used - 771 or 63% were knocked out
  • 20 players were killed, one of them twice
  • 41 players had no score and 27 players made double figures
  • Highest Break of the day was made by Chris Pampel of the 1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen I team with 14 marbles


  • 14 players took part
  • 30 Tolleys were nosed dropped
  • 195 Yellow target marbles used, 118 or 60% were knocked out

* * *

The British Marbles Board of Control would like to thank:

John and Vicki at the Greyhound
Jean and Ron Fox
John Burnet
The Mayor of Crawley
Mol the main tournament Referee
David and Mike of the 49ers for refereeing the Golden Oldies
Worthing MIND
and the Marble Museum for all their support.

The 2005 British and World Marble Championships will be held at The Greyhound, Tinsley Green on Good Friday, 25th March 2005

A picture from the Greyhounds balcony

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