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I checked the with the British Broadcasting Corporation weather centre, fine with a moderate wind, OK, no problem there then. 8 o'clock on Good Friday morning Zachary and I were hard at it. Over 100 chairs were to be set out round the ring, 12 seats for the players and others to mark off the arena. Did I feel a spot of rain? No it couldn't be. A few more and then Zachary said, "I think it's raining a bit." So we took the precaution of putting the ring cover up, just in case. We began at 10.30 approx, with the first game on the main ring and two other on the side rings. All went well until about midday when the first few drops of rain came down, and then it got worse and even worse. We abandoned the side rings, covered the main ring and played a couple of games in the garage. We also played the Golden Oldies there, and thanks to Dave and Mike of the 49ers it all came together at the appropriate time to link in to the "Order of play". By the late afternoon the sun was shining, but the side rings were too muddy to use and with a lot of work we caught up and the event only went on a little longer than usual. We had the prize giving just after 6pm and the final was being played while I was giving a radio interview and the cries of delight went out live on the air.



Charlwood Strikers 21 v Tinsley Tigers 0
1st MC Erzgebirge 25 v Black Dog Boozers 14
Yorkshire Meds 25 v Principality of Sealand 5
Fubar 6 v Saxonia II 12
Fast Ferocious Fockers 5 v Bloody Marbellous 6
Thuringian II 5 v Simply Marbellous 7
Caterham Cowboys 13 v International Bright Round Things 7


Saxonia I 19 v Turners Hill Lions 10
1st MC Erzgebirge 24 v Barrel Scrapers 6
Bloody Marbellous5 5 v Crawley News Crushers 2
Handcross Rebels 12 v Handcross 49ers 33
Saxonia II 11 v Caterham Cowboys 3
Charlwood Strikers 19 v Mish Mash 13
Turners Hill Tollymen 16 v Thuringian National Team 10
Yorkshire Meds 15 v Simply Marbellous 5


Bloody Marbellous 2 v Saxonia 17
Saxonia II 6 v Handcross 49ers 25
1st MC Erzgebirge 28 v Yorkshire Meds 0
Charlwood Strikers 14 v Turners Hill Tollymen 17


Turners Hill Tollymen 4 v 1st MC Erzgebirge 26
Handcross 49ers 25 v Saxonia I 23


1st MC Erzgebirge 35 v Handcross 49ers 10

Darren Ray


Halim Yorkshire Meds 1
Mel Charlwood Strikers 0
Andy Caterham Cowboys 1
John Barrel Scrapers 0
Barry Handcross Rebels 1
Colin Black Dog Boozers 2
Jan Saxonia I 2
Randi Saxonia II 1
Chris 1st MC Erzgebirge 4
Darren Handcross 49ers 19
Danny Turners Hill Lions 2
Dave Turners Hill Tollymen 2


Susi Defending Champion 5
Gabi Saxonia II 9
Leila Yorkshire Meds 1
Justine Thuringian II 1
Alison Handcross 49ers 3
Monica Thuringian II 1

1st MC Erzgebirge, the winning team


Individual Champion Darren Ray
Team Champions 1st MC Erzgebirge
Runner-Ups Handcross 49 ers
Best Lady Player Gabi Muhlisch
Golden Oldies Will Aicheson
Stan Larbey Trophy Dennis

Darren Ray five times Individual winner

Knuckling Down in the ring

Zachary's new team the Crushers


  • 23 teams or 142 players
  • 44 Tolleys were nose dropped
  • 1078 target marbles were used - 574 or 53% were knocked out
  • 21 players were killed
  • 46 players had no score and 16 players made double figures
  • Highest Break of the day was made by Darren Ray with 14 marbles
  • Chris Pampel of the 1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen team made the highest Break of the day with 28 marbles

Jean Fox with marbles for sale

British Marbles Board of Control would like to thank:

Laura, Landlady of the Greyhound
Jean and Ron Fox
John Burnet
Mol the main tournament Referee
David and Mike of the 49ers for refereeing the Golden Oldies
Worthing MIND
Sue Denton-Brown Drawmistress
and the Marble Museum for all their support.

The 2007 British and World Marbles Championship will be held at The Greyhound, Tinsley Green on Good Friday, 5th April 2007

Contacts: - Sam or Julia McCarthy-Fox
Tel: 01403-730602
Fax: 01403-733877