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American Machine Marbles

Corrections and additions by company:

Akro Agate

Page 8, left column, line 2 should read: Gilbert T Marsh not Gilbert T Rankin

Page 8, column 2, bottom - add: Although we have no documentation either way, it is possible that marbles could have been made at the East Exchange St (Akron) facility.

Page 10, paragraph 9, last word in line 8 should be: machines not machine

Page 11, section on Imperials - add: Advanced Akro collector Eddie Schubert has suggested that the as-advertised Akro Imperial might have been less than a commercial success and after many boxes were printed up and not used for those marbles, other fancy types of marbles were used in them instead. This has created the confusion that exists today as to the true identity of an Imperial marble.

Page 11, section on Spirals (paragraph 4, line 5) - add: Perfection to the word Onyx

Page 11, section on Glasses - add: Also in size 6 which is one inch

Page 12, left column, line 2 - add: In some Popeyes, including the blue/yellow and blue/green combinations, the blue is a light blue. In the purple Popeyes, the purple could be a light purple. These examples are not errors, but distinct colors.

Page 14 - add to the list of known Akro employees: Julie Nemis Oliverio, Betty Freeman Reed, William Oliverio

Page 19, bottom picture caption - add: This sleeve, along with the 2 newly acquired coffin-type boxes (not pictured here) in the collection of Roger and Claudia Hardy, may be among the earliest examples of Clarksburg Akro production.

Page 25, bottom right picture caption should read: Akro Agate Glasses in box, lid shown at left.

Page 26: value of stock box of 50 #2 Opals should be $350-$40

Page 27: value of Click game should be $850-$900

Page 27, top left picture caption should read: Akro Agate stock box of 100 #1 Royal Agates - value is $350-$400

Page 31: lower left gift box should be identified as a #250 box

Cairo Novelty Company

Page 53, left column, paragraph3, line 6: word should be tank not bank

Page 54, right column, last sentence on page should read: To date, none of these mesh bags have been found.

Page 56, top right picture caption should read: May 10, 1947 not May 10, 1949

Page 56, top right picture, line 5 of caption should read: known not know

Champion Agate

Page 58, right column, paragraph 3, line 1 should read: known not know

Page 59, left column, paragraph 6, line 5 should read: requested that Robert J. and his father....

Davis Marble Works

Page 74, right column, paragraph 4, line 7 should read: Burnell not Burnett

Heaton Agate

Page 76, right column, paragraph 6, line 1 should read: The authors were told by several company employees that the company called....

Page 77, left column, (under Identification Tips) at end of paragraph 3 - add: The Heaton Agate Company is known to have produced an opaque oxblood swirl in at least 3 different styles, the base color of each being white.

Page 78, black and white employee photo - change: (last name unknown) to Swisher

JABO, Inc.
Page 81, right column - new paragraph after paragraph 8: In December, 2005, JABO, Inc. was slapped with a natural gas bill for over $92,000. The cause was a leap in natural gas prices generally in that area. The immediate result was a laying off of much of the workforce, a lowering of production and a raising of prices. The ripple effect was that other glass houses that supplied scrap glass and cullet used by JABO to create their yearly runs of Classics were not able to supply the glass. Consequently, no Spring Classics were produced in 2006, but small mixed runs were made in October and December, 2006.

Page 82, right column, paragraph - lines 2 and 3 should read: Chinese checker style marbles in sizes 7/8" and 1" have been produced since 1993.

Page 83, left column, paragraph 4 - line 1 should read: Mike Warnelis not Peter Warnelis

Page 83, bottom photo - caption should read: Dale Simmons photo

Marble King

Page 95, right column, paragraph 5, line 5: word is Gabbert not Gaffert

Master Glass Co.

Page 108 - dates of operation should read: 1941-1973

Page 109, bottom - add: Like the Master Glass/Master Marble #5 box, some #13 sleeves have been found that look very much like the older Master marble sleeves of the same type. However, these are clearly marked as Master Glass Co. The graphics are not as bright or colorful, but these clearly are not fakes or fantasy sleeves. All that have identified by the authors contain Master Glass marbles. The bottoms of these sleeves are sometimes plain, but 2 have been found with the names of Lion's Club members running for club offices. One has the name of Dudley L Simms (running for 3rd vice-president) and Charley Riemann (running for District Governor). These sleeves have been authenticated by Robert V Allen of the Bridgeport, WV. Lion's Club as being from an election held in 1956. The value of these sleeves would be $150-$200 each.

Page 110, top left picture - add: The man feeding the furnace is Ira Lowman

Master Marble Co.

Page 114, right column, paragraph 5 - line 3 should read: Produced in the 1930's not 1940's

Page 116, bottom left picture - add: This picture shows the House of Marbles in an unfinished state; compare with postcard picture on page 117.

Page 119, center (left side photo of smallest 1933 Century of Progress gift box): value should be $550-$600 not $350.

Page 119, top left - caption should read: #13 advertising sleeve not #12

Mid-Atlantic Glass

Page 129, paragraph 3 - line 2 should read: Connie Dale not Connie Dole

Peltier Glass Co.

Page 133, left column, last paragraph - remove this sentence: Current prices are suggested by Gino Biffany.

Page 135, top left picture, line 2 - caption should read: Peltier not Petlier

Ravenswood Novelty Works

Page 146, under packaging, right column, at the end of line 5 - add: A different Ravenswood marble box has been found, different from the usual Buddy box that is fairly common. The newly discovered one looks exactly like the one pictured in the Ravenswood catalog. Value is $40-$50.

Vacor de Mexico

Page 153, left column, paragraph 4 - line 1 should read: Vacor not Vacar

Page 153, just before "Marbles Produced" - add new paragraph: Both Vacor de Mexico and its US distributor, Mega Marbles, were acquired by a large Mexican company, Fabricas Selectas. A new value line of marbles, imported from China, called Marbles direct, will give customers additional price and selection options.

Vitro Agate

Page 157, right column, paragraph 6 - line 1 should read: transient workers not transient worker

Page 158, right column, paragraph 4 - line 3: no comma between Blaine and Lemon

Page 158, right column, paragraph 5 - line 4 should read: Tours were not Tour were

Page 159, left column, paragraph 2 - line 7 should read: 1961 not 1861

Page 160, right column, paragraph 3, line 8: capitalize JABO

Page 161, right column (under All-Reds) - add: According to information received from Ron Shepherd, not all All-Reds actually contain the color red. Marbles in the same style come in color combinations of blue/green, blue/brown and green/brown.

Page 166, top right picture - caption should read: 1967 not 1987

Page 166, middle right picture - caption should read: 1967 not 1987

Page 166, bottom left picture - caption should read: 1967 not 1987

Page 167, right side, middle picture - caption should read: Anacortes, Washington not Anacortes, West Virginia

Page 173, top left picture - caption should read: As Shown not As show

Notes of appreciation (general)

Greg Helmick not Greg Melmicj

Factory notes of appreciation (Alley Agate)

Greg Helmick not Greg Melmicj

Factory notes of appreciation (Champion Agate)

Delete Dave Gardner and Brian Estapp

Factory notes of appreciation (JABO, Inc.)

Add David Day and Bill McFall

Factory notes of appreciation (Marble King)

Dwight K Masters not Dwight M Masters

Factory notes of appreciation (Master Glass)

Add Robert V Allen and Richard Duez

Factory notes of appreciation (Vitro Agate)

Add Debra Sue Ziegler