The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia


Merlin McCulley painting donated by Larry and Ruth Van Dyke

Drew Fritts

KB Glassworks

James H. Thingwold

Jim Davis and Sons

Josh Simpson

Joe Rice

Bruce Troeh

Dee Snell

Andy Davis

Josh Sable

Drew Fritts

Mike Edmonson

Eddie Seese

Gerry and Pat Colman

Charles Gibson

Lance McRorie

Richard Clark

KB Glassworks

George Pavliscak

Aline Peterson

James Alloway

Calvin and Sheryl Sugita

Irene Russman

Cory Anderson

Dennis Richardson

Calvin (Raz) and Sheryl Sugita

Ashley Genovini

Jurgen Heintz (Germany)

Christopher Robinson

Douglas Ferguson

Mario Cavagnis (Italy)

Greg Hoglin

Raymond Laubs

Teign Valley Glass (UK)

James Alloway


Steve Parent

Greg W. Pessman

ALL Marble Artists are welcome to contribute to
The National Marble Collection. 
Please write to: 
The Natioinal Marble Collection
c/o Museum of American Glass in West Virginia  
230 West Main Ave. Weston WV 26452-0574 
Donations are tax-deductible!