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Glass Toothpick Holders (both editions)

Neila & Tom Bredehoft and Jo & Bob Sanford

Page 107, 2nd Edition, the top left Colonial and bottom, Pointed Gothic images are reversed. They are correct in the 1st Edition, pages 106 and 107. Thanks to Jim Damaio for bringing this to our attention.

First edition page 129, second edition page 130: Fish in Pond. While a shaker is shown in Bond's The Beauty of Albany Glass, it is not the same pattern as the toothpick. The manufacturer of the toothpick and other pieces in the line, including a different salt, is not known.

On page 152 in the first edition, page 153 in the second edition, Chrysanthemum Leaf. Original manufacturer: This pattern, in crystal only is listed in the ultimate Boston & Sandwich books as their last pressed pattern before the factory closed in 1888. All the molds were sold in May and June of 1889, to various buyers. We probably will never know who bought the molds, but it might have been McKee.

Jersey Swirl, (page 214-1st ed, page 210-2nd ed.,) This has been found in amber.

On page 221 in the first book, and page 216 in the 2nd edition, Colonial Stairsteps (named by Heacock) is unassigned as to manufacturer or date. Bill Heacock, in his second book, Opalescent Glass from A to Z points out that it is reported that the sugar and cream have been signed with Northwood's signature. This places manufacture at Nortwood's Wheeling plant, after 1903. He dates it ca. 1906. Many thanks to Dori Miles for pointing this out to us.

The Daisy & Star Hat, page 228 in the first edition, 222 in the second edition, has been found in a deep apple green color.