The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia

Who We Are!

This is the story we hope to relate....

The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia, Ltd.

A museum with a mission to share the diverse and rich heritage of glass as a product and historical object as well as telling of the lives of glass workers, their families and communities, and of the tools and machines they used in glass houses

The People... With a focus in time of 1900-1940, when production of American handmade glass boomed and pieces graced millions of tables, WVMAG, Ltd.  includes all glass products...from bottles to lightening rod balls,  from telegraph insulators to glass used in automobiles, from pressed to blown tableware.  We preserve the history of the places and people who made these products

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Seneca Glass CO. Officers - Circa 1903

The Factories..... Our Museum examines the rich history of some of America's most famous glass factories,  while at the same time carefully understanding the impact that the hundreds of smaller and often time forgotten glass houses made on the history of the glass industry

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The Beaumont Company 1916-1994

The Product..... The WVMAG displays many of the diverse and beautiful objects produced by factories during this century.  The museum attempts to compare and contrast similar pieces produced by once competing companies. No other public collection offers such contrasts on a large scale

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Fenton Jade Glass - Circa 1930's